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SOFT SHELL CRABS - Tender soft shell crabs in your choice of special sauces  Ginger/Scallion,    Garlic Sauce**     Black Bean Sauce   or   Salt & Pepper** Appetizer ≈ $17.50 -or - Entrée ≈ 32.50

SALT AND PEPPER SQUID OR PRAWNS** - Jumbo shrimp and/or squid, flour dusted with the Chef’s special spices fried ‘til crispy, and served on a bed of shredded lettuce         Prawns  $20.00             Squid  $15.00           Combination  $18.00

HUNAN ASPARAGUS** - Tender young asparagus, snow peapods, carrots, and  mushrooms sautéed in Chef Chau’s special Hunan sauce  $13.50 or with:      Chicken  $16.00       Shrimp  $19.00       Pork  $16.00       Beef  $17.00

TOM YUM  UDON NOODLES** (hot and sour)  Japanese Udon noodles stir fried with  bean sprouts, egg, lemon grass, shallots, galangal, chili, and kaffir lime leaves    Vegetable $13.00            Chicken or Pork  $15.00           Shrimp  $18.00  

CHICKEN OR SHRIMP WITH VEGETABLES & PINEAPPLE -  Tender slices of chicken or jumbo shrimp sautéed with vegetables and fresh pineapple in a light sauce. Chicken  $16.00          Shrimp  $19.00         Combo  $19.00

CRISPY BEEF WITH FRESH PINEAPPLE – Tender strips of ginger marinated beef flour‑dusted and fried til crispy, then wok-tossed with pineapple, and julienned green and red bell peppers $18.00

LEMON DUCK - One half of a young duckling, finished on the char grill and glazed with a tart lemon sauce and served with a garnish of steamed broccoli    $19.00

SINGAPORE “YAM NOODLES”** – Low calorie yam noodles (14 oz.) (prior to cooking only  35 calories) stir fried in a Singapore yellow curry with your choice of the following:     Shrimp  $18.00     Chicken or Pork $15.00      Tofu $14.00    Beef  $16.00

MOO SHU “YAM NOODLES”Low calorie yam noodles (14 oz.) (prior to cooking only  35 calories) (no pancakes) wok tossed with julienned cabbage, shitake mushrooms,  spring onions, and bean sprouts in a hoisin sauce with your choice of the following:     Shrimp  $18.00     Chicken or Pork $15.00      Tofu $14.00    Beef  $16.00

GAI LON – (when available) An Asian leafy broccoli-type vegetable sautéed in a light garlic sauce –or- oyster flavored sauce   $13.00
or with:      Chicken  $16.00       Shrimp  $19.00       Pork  $16.00       Beef  $17.00  

ZUCCHINI AND FRESH MUSHROOMS - Tender young zucchini slices, fresh Chinese mushrooms, white mushrooms, carrots and peapods stir fried in your choice of garlic** or oyster sauce $13.00
Or add: Steamed Tofu $14.00   Chicken or Pork $16.00   Shrimp $19.00   Beef  $17.00

BALADO ZUCCHINI OVER NOODLES** Slices of zucchini and mixed vegetables wok sizzled with hot peppers, Spanish onions, green peas and scallions served in Chef Chau’s  spicy tomato based Balado sauce over a bed of fresh noodles  $13.00
  Or add:   Shrimp  $19.00     Chicken or Pork $16.00      Tofu $14.00   Beef  $17.00    



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